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 Project 1 Swiss-African Dialogue Days

The 10th edition of the Swiss-African Dialogue Days" will take place on March 8 and 9, 2013 around an innovative and peculiar project, "Podium for Africa." Inventing a way to better communicate, better understand each other around migration , one of the most current and controversial themes of our time. The aim is to take into account the gains made, the lessons learned and the difficulties encountered in previous editions of the "Swiss-African Dialogue Days" held in Geneva since 1997.

 Project 2 The Tanganyika International Forum

The Tanganyika International Forum (TIF) 2013 will bring together international political and economic actors eager to invest in the development of the region of Central East Africa including the very dynamic East African Community.

Called to become an annual exercise, the TIF will highlight the many markets that are likely to experience significant economic growth in future years. As such, many themes already raised by the CIRID will again be in the spotlight. This will include encouraging and optimizing the investments generated by the diaspora and raising awareness among entrepreneurs and investors about the challenges of sustainable development. 

 Project 3 Road map for peacebuilding in Africa

All our actions refer to our action plan, the details of which are presented on the page Agenda for Peace in Africa

Axis 1: The Great Lakes Region

Axis 2: Somalia

Axis 3: The Sahara

 Project 4 Dialogue on African Migration

Read the interim report of March 2012

Switzerland-Africa Days

 Project 5 Sustainable bakery in Burundi

The United Nations, in partnership with other members of the international community, has created a Peacebuilding Project that includes a new component: support for local communities that are at the grassroots level engaged in economic self-development the impact favors the achievement of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) in Africa. CIRID took part in the birth of this dynamic and its Community Self-Development Office (BADC in French Bureau d’Auto-Developpement Communautaire) was born to meet the expectations in this context in 2006. This project, called "Sustainable Bakeries" started in the rural district of Gitega in the center of Burundi. 44 women were introduced to the art of making bread, marketing it after training in food hygiene to combat AIDS and other endemic diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. Eight of them became bakers, managing a kiosk selling bread.

 Project 6 Dialogue Africa Sustainable Development Award.

This theme comes back on everyone's lips. From Fukushima to Tschernobil to the news on climate change, the reduction of greenhouse gases or simply deforestation and soil deterioration that hinder agricultural development especially in sub-Saharan Africa, Cirid has chosen the development of a simple but buoyant concept in this area: it is distinguished by its transversality and the realism of its purpose. The organization has indeed expanded the range of its awards by creating the ASDA - Africa Sustainable Development Award mentioned above (ADD in French). This award will be presented each year to a successful private entrepreneur working with the public sector and civil society to create initiatives that help young Africans escape the tragedy of illegal immigration, which is currently one of the most human dramas of our time which unfortunately we speak very little, despite the repetition of the grisly scenes that we see on the shores of the Mediterranean, at the gates of the Europe fortress / Schengen.

 Project 7 Permanent Training Program for Managers

The trainings, round tables, conferences and seminars are organized in conjunction with the partner institutions and aimed at mastering the knowledge of international realities.

The world is witnessing today unprecedented diplomatic and strategic upheavals. In terms of cooperation in particular, the control of the files implies a knowledge of the international realities and negotiation techniques implemented with the holders of the power at various levels.

To do this, CIRID offers political leaders, diplomats, civil servants and civil society leaders, as well as members of the liberal professions, business leaders and young executives, the opportunity to acquire this experience through training. specialized.

The 2012-2013 Permanent Training Program for Managers (PFPC in French) session focuses on the development potential of the African Great Lakes region, and is based on an analysis of the political background and geopolitical factors that shape the economic future of the countries concerned.

The official launch of the session took place on Friday, September 7, 2012 at 1,Varembé road, at 3:00pm

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